How often do you update the shop?

It all depends on how much work I have on regarding commissions and other projects. It can sometimes be once a month, once every two months, or more. As it's just me making everything, there's only so much I can make at any given time.

How do we commission pieces?

When I'm ready to take on commissions, I'll make 'commission slots' available in my shop. These are free to purchase and once you've got a slot I will email you with more details about commissioning, what you'd like to order, and details regarding payment (which is done usually through bank transfer or PayPal).

How can we keep up to date with your restocks & commissions slots?

I always keep my instagram updated, and you can also subscribe to my newsletter where I send out details (date, time etc) about shop restocks a few days before. Don't worry, I don't send out loads of newsletters! 

Are your ceramics food-safe?

All of my ceramics are glazed using a food-safe clear glossy overglaze. Where there are areas not covered in this glaze (most of the time the underneath of the product) the surface is not food safe, but it will usually specify in the product description if this is the case, for example the Melon bowl uses this food-safe glaze inside and on the rim, but not on the outside of the bowl.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I am based in the UK and ship internationally. Prices are in the product descriptions. Some of the smaller products have different postage prices to other products.

If you are charged twice for postage when ordering more than one product, I will refund you any overcharging.

Please note that I am not responsible for any customs or import tax charges that customers might receive. Please check your country's shipping/customs information to find out what is applicable to you.

Due to the Covid situation, there is the possibility of delays with some international shipping and this is out of my control.

Is your packaging recyclable?

I use recyclable cardboard boxes, recyclable bubblewrap, biodegradable packing peanuts and brown paper tape where possible. Some of the tape I use is still plastic but I'm working on it! I also source all my packing materials from individual businesses and do not use Amazon.

How do the pre-orders work?

When pre-orders are available, they will be open for a short specific length of time. You will be able to buy the items made available and once I receive the orders I will begin making them from scratch. It may take a few months before you receive your order - the wait time will depend on how many orders and other commissions I will be making at the same time, so please take into consideration the waiting time before you pre-order.